About the Project

At this stage, 12 housing units have been built in the neighborhood, some of which are duplex and some single-family detached units on plots of half a dunam (an eighth of an acre)! The neighborhood is a short walk from the center of the yishuv, synagogues, kindergartens and the Re’uta Yeshiva. The neighborhood boasts a view over a biblical and picturesque landscape, on one side the Judean Desert and on the other the Carmel Forest.


Homes include 4 rooms in spacious units of between 118-121 m². The combination of the rich marketing specifications and the variety of models allows everyone to find their own unique space.Both models include a garden, parking, the option of a second floor in the future, and a large space that allows for creativity and personal customization.

Last house only 1,087,000 NIS

the Yishuv

Carmel was established in 1981 as a Nahal settlement between the Judean Mountains and the desert, and was turned over for civilian population as a cooperative moshav (shitufi) later that year. The yishuv received its name from the biblical town of Carmel located nearby.


The moshav runs a cowshed/dairy, chicken coops, vineyards, orchards and fields, but you really don’t need to be a farmer to enjoy the atmosphere of living in natural surroundings and the ongoing vibrant activity. The mountain air is suitable for everyone and only 30% of the residents are actually members of the cooperative economy.


The young Carmel neighborhood invites you to live in a new detached single-family home, to enjoy the excellent institutions, services and conditions, and of course to give your children the chance to forge a connection to nature, life, Torah and the people.


About 100 families currently live in the community.


There are educational institutions in the community too: a nursery with an amazing personal approach, kindergartens, a school (in Susya – 7 min. Travel on organized shuttles) and the Re’uta Yeshiva.


Synagogue, mikveh, beit midrash, a new and rich community center, library, gymboree, games center for children and rooms for extracurricular activities, playgrounds, youth room and more…

In addition, there is rich community life which includes women’s evenings, Torah lessons, cultural events, mutual aid committee, youth activities and more…

Technical Specifications

< Stone construction/stone coating
< Pandor Laminato doors from the Unique range
< Bathroom cabinets of sandwich wood
< 200-liter solar water heater
< Gewiss circuit breakers
<2 Shabbat clocks
< Three-phase electricity 25/3

< Upper and base kitchen cabinets of sandwich wood
< Hamat pillar faucets
< Infrastructure for dishwasher installation
< Caesarstone marble
< 2 flat-mounted kitchen sinks


<Garden faucets
<Landscaping soil
<Paths of interlocking stone

< 45/45 porcelain granite floor tiles in rooms
< 60/60 porcelain granite floor tiles in common space

< Aluminum shutters with thermal insulation
< Fly screens on all windows
< Electric shutter in the living room
< Aluminum windows with insulating glass

An Israeli dream in a rural setting.

* All prices are linked to the construction inputs index

Technical specifications – non-final
The price does not include the community acceptance fee of NIS 50,000 as well as purchase tax as required by law

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