Beit Yatir

About the Project

The yishuv is currently in the midst of a major construction project, comprising 23 houses in Phase I and 17 houses in Phase II.

Amana’s Beit Yatir project includes duplex ground floor units 140 m² on half a dunam (an eighth of an acre) of stone-covered land.

Quadruplexes starting from 1,189,000 NIS

Now is the time to make a new start in the rapidly developing Yatir region!

Starting from 1,246,000 NIS

the Yishuv


Beit Yatir, a cooperative agricultural moshav with a religious character, was established in 1979, when it pioneered renewed Jewish settlement in the Hebron Hills region. The 70-family community, farmers and professionals, is characterized by a harmonious way of life and a warm family atmosphere. New residents have the opportunity to take a step forward in life and enjoy the pastoral surroundings in a rural and agricultural atmosphere. Already in the late 1980s, the moshav began to offer the option of residence for families who did not want to join the cooperative framework.The moshav is engaged in a variety of agricultural work: Chicken coops, orchards, a cowshed, a packing plant, flower hothouses… yet the most prominent of the different businesses in the area are the luscious grape vineyards, which supply their produce to the exclusive Yatir Winery, considered a national and global leader in the field. Thousands of people – in Israel and worldwide – enjoy “Yatir Forest” wine.


The area is stunningly beautiful, and Beit Yatir is located on a 900m-high hill, south of Har Hebron, in an area overlooking the magnificent landscapes of the Judean Desert and the Negev as well as the greenery of the Yatir Forest.


Beit Yatir’s population is comprised of teachers and educators, agricultural experts, those in free professions, and more.


There are currently about 120 families living in Beit Yatir, young and old, the majority of whom are Dati Leumi. It’s a diverse yet cohesive community.


There are a range of community activities and the atmosphere is one of mutual respect and seeing the good in everyone and everything.


Come for the air. Stay for the atmosphere.

Technical Specifications

Beit Yatir
An Israeli dream in a rural setting.

* All prices are linked to the construction inputs index
Technical specifications – non-final The price does not include the community acceptance fee of NIS 50,000 as well as purchase tax as required by law

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